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About adults-only holidays

About adults-only hotels

Looking for a romantic getaway in a child-free environment? You’ve come to the right place. Pick an adults-only holiday if you are longing for a holiday in pure luxurious and stunning surroundings. With surreal locations, deluxe hotel facilities and in a child-free environment this is the holiday guaranteed to meet your holiday expectations. 

With Primera Holidays adults-only holidays you’ll find resorts that’ll win your heart.

What is an adults-only hotel?

At our adults-only hotels the age limit is typically 16 yrs. old. Some however, have a higher limit, so if you want a more peaceful stay you can chose these hotels. Adults-only hotels are much quieter than hotels where i.e. families with children stay. At our hotels there’s also less noise in the restaurant, so you can enjoy your meal in peace and quiet. There’s also less noise around the pool areas, where you can enjoy sunbathing on the sun beds undisturbed. Relish around the oases where you can relax all day. 

In general, there’s an adult orientated atmosphere, the restaurants often have longer servicing hours and adult entertainment in the evenings. An array of the adults-only hotels, have extra facilities such as fitness centres, spa & wellness and room service opportunities. Our adults only hotels have high standards, amazing service 24/7 and are beautiful both outside and inside.  
Some adults only hotels offer private suites with your own private pool – if you want an extremely luxurious holiday.

Adults-only hotels for singles.

Our adults only hotels are naturally also for you who wishes to travel alone. Here you’ll find peace and tranquillity. You will not be disturbed by noisy children or kids partying and instead you will be able to relax as much as you like and have dreamt about.
It is possible to be social and make holiday companions, if this is desired. There’s always happy holiday makers in the bar and restaurant that enjoy meeting new people.

Adults-only dream holidays.

When going on a holiday, after having been looking forward to it for a long time, means that expectations have been built up. Therefore, it is very important for us at Primera Holidays that all elements of the holiday are chosen carefully, in order to make all our guests get their dream holiday experience. You and your partner have planned a special getaway and we will do everything to make it as special as you could imagine. We have a wide range of different adult holidays so if you seek a romantic retreat, golfing holiday or a more action packed holiday we have the holiday package for you.

Adults-only hotels


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