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Family Hotels - Find the perfect hotel for your family holiday

Family Hotels - Find the perfect hotel for your family holiday
Family Hotels - Find the perfect hotel for your family holiday

Primera Holidays has a wide range of hotels that are ideal for families. The hotels have at least a 3+ stars, they have all good children's facilities such as a children's playground, children's pool, large pool area. There are sports activities available – i.e. Tennis, miniature golf, table tennis etc. All the hotels are located close to beach, shopping and other facilities.

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Family holiday

Get away from everyday activities and exchange them for a while with some fun- such as playing in the pool, interesting excursions and new sensory impressions under the sun. It gives you lots of common memories and a great presence when you only need to focus on each other.

Our best resorts for family holidays

At Primera Holidays, we are convinced that it's only a real holiday when you do not have to think about all the practical details. When things just work around you, and you therefore, only have to concentrate on being together and enjoying life. In high sunshine under blue skies and with hot breezes on your arms and legs.

Relaxing family holiday with All Inclusive

Traveling with All Inclusive is one of the most popular holiday concepts, when our customers are going to book a family holiday. And it is not without reason. A holiday with All Inclusive is one of the best starting points for a relaxing holiday without any financial concerns or unnecessary stress.

With the All Inclusive concept everything is paid for in advance. So, you should don’t have to get your purse out whenever the little ones are thirsty or hungry - and you do not have to go out to find a restaurant with tired children at the end of the day when hunger strikes. You do not even have to worry about half pastry portions, as you can skip your trip chasing fresh bread when you wake up. You can just jump in to your clothes and go down to the resort's restaurant and choose your favourites in the buffet.

All Inclusive also gives you more time together by the pool because you can walk straight from the sun loungers to the meal. And should you be worried about what All Inclusive does when the holiday is over, most resorts and hotels with all inclusive also have the most opportunities for free fitness centres and opportunities for swimming.

Family holidays with water parks

Play in the pool and by the water slide is almost the epitome of a sunny family holiday if you ask most children. Therefore, we prioritise hotels and resorts with water parks highest, when selecting family hotels, so there are good opportunities for fun in the water for both young and old alike.

In the pool areas there’s plenty of room for everyone. So that, both the small, the larger and the biggest kids can have fun for hours while the adults either accompany the pool chairs or jump in and join the kids.

In most water parks there are also pools of different depths, so even the family's very small can have a cool dip and enjoy life as water dogs for a while.

Activities for the children

Even though the purpose of a family holiday is to be together and create a lot of memories and good experiences, it is nevertheless important that there are activities for the children during the holiday. At Primera Holidays, we believe that no one should feel bored on their holiday.

Therefore, you might find international children’s clubs, at selected resorts. Isn’t a lot more fun being on a family holiday and at the same time having a lot of other children to play with?

We adults can’t imagine what more a child could ever wish for. Oh, maybe another ice cream…

Family hotels


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