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About Crete

Crete – A holiday favourite in Greece

Crete has become a holiday favourite for good reason - beautiful nature, small picturesque bays and dreamy white-sand beaches make the island an ideal holiday destination.

A holiday in Crete…
… is a holiday with warm and sunny weather, wonderful nature and lovely beaches. Crete is great for all kinds of recreation - laze about on sandy beaches that stretch for miles, go on a 16 km hiking adventure in the Samaria Valley, or explore the astonishing ancient sites all over the island.

Where do you stay in Crete?
There are many great holiday areas in Crete. The Chania Coast spans all the way from Chania to Kolimbari, and all along you’ll find all-Inclusive family resorts and small cosy restaurants. And everything is conveniently close to the city of Chania with its unique atmosphere.

Outstanding beaches
>While Crete beasts lots of wonderful beaches, two really stand out here. The first lies approximately 1 km from Agii Apostoli and is a great place for the whole family. The beach is sheltered by a small rock formation which means constantly calm waters. The other beach is Elafonissi, nicknamed the Maldives of Crete, with pink sand, small shallow lakes and great surrounding scenery. It takes about an hour's drive to get there, but it’s well worth it.

The biggest island in Greece
Crete is the biggest island of Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. The people of Crete are known for incredible hospitality and friendliness, and you don’t need to travel far from the resorts to experience true Greek culture. No matter where you go, Crete has a lot to offer.

More than sun and beaches
Chania is the second largest city of Crete. The centre of Chania is a haven for shoppers, gastronomes and culture vultures. You will find plenty of museums, archaeological sites, markets, the leather street, and lots of restaurants and cafés. If you crave more of the rural character, visit the lovely villages along the coastline. And if you’re looking for some exercise, go for a challenging off-the-path bike ride or go on a dive tour and explore the fascinating underwater caves.

The Venetian harbour of Chania
Chania’s harbor area is definitely worth a visit. The old Venetian harbor is a picturesque area definitely living up to it’s name with excellent restaurants, bars and shops nearby. A trade centre during the day, the neighborhood becomes a center of lovely nightlife after dark. Many will say that if you haven’t visited the Venetian Harbor, you haven’t really been to Chania. Or Crete, for that matter.

The cradle of Gods
There’s a lot of ancient marvels to see in Crete. The Greek God myths and tales of legendary battles make the archaeological sites truly special. Visit the unique Knossos Palace, Festos and Gortys – you can literally feel the history there.

Irrestible weather

Crete is particularly lovely in the summertime. Average temperatures during the day reach 26°C, and drop to 18°C during night, while the water stays around 22°C. In short - holiday perfect.

Hire a car and explore

If you want to explore Crete at your own pace, it’s a great idea to hire a car. Hire beforehand and have it ready upon arrival, or hire one through your travel agent. There’s a lot to see - drive to Knossos and explore the surprisingly well-preserved ancient ruins of King Minos great palace, experience the beautiful countryside views, or go to the lovely Elafonissi beach.


About Crete
Crete is Greece’s southernmost island, located in the Aegean Sea. With an area of 8.336 km2 and a population of 650.000, Crete is the largest and most populous island of Greece. Previously was ruled by Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Osmans for centuries before becoming part of Greece in 1913.

Facts about Crete

You can travel to Crete from:
- Stansted

Flight time: 4 hours

Transfer time
- Agia Marina: 45 minutes
- Agii Apostoli: 35 minutes
- Platanias: 45 minutes
- Maleme: 45 minutes
- Kalyves: 45 minutes

Transfer time may vary in tight traffic

Local time:
Crete is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time

Currency: Euro

Environmental tax
From the January 1st, the authorities are collect a mandatory environmental tax from tourists, known as ECOTAX. The purpose is to compensate for the additional CO2 emissions caused by the tourism industry. The tax is paid directly to the hotel when you check-in or check-out. The price depends on the official category of the hotel and ranges from €0.5 to €4 per room per night.

Primera Holidays hotels are located on the northern part Crete, in an area which is known for the island’s best beaches, some perfectly suited for long refreshing walks, some particularly suited for kids, such as the bay beach near Agii Apostoli.

Food and drinks
In Crete, you’ll find a broad range of restaurants serving both national and international dishes in all price ranges. There are lots of restaurants along the resort coast, in the cities, especially in Chania. The national dish in Mousaka, made of aubergine, vegetables and minced beef. Another major part of Cretan culinary is seafood.

It’s easy to get around Crete by bus or by taxi. There are buses going regularly between Chania and the coast. Taxi prices are pretty comparable to those in UK.

230 volts. You will need an adaptor in order to charge your phone, laptop camera, etc.

Car hire
If you want to explore Crete at your own pace, it’s a great idea to hire a car. Hire beforehand and have it ready upon arrival, or hire one through your travel agent.

Sports and activities
There are plenty of options for sports and activities in Crete, including horseback riding, go-karting, diving, bowling, mini golf, etc. You can also rent a bicycle and explore the island’s wonderful nature on a nice countryside ride.

You can do some excellent shopping, especially in the major cities, such as Chania and Rethymnon. Chania has virtually everything, from big retailers to charming small boutiques in the old town, and even the Leather Street, where you can buy all sorts of leather goods at a real bargain. Of course, there’s also a market, where you can get specialty produce, including olive oil, honey and spices.

For a great golf course, head to Hersonissos.

Where to stay in Crete

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