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About Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca – long beaches and lots of sunshine

On the east coast of Spain, you’ll find Costa Blanca - an area famous for its incredibly picturesque coastline and holiday villages, such as Alicante, the fashionable Albir and Benidorm, the latter also known as Mini-Manhattan. 

The white coast
Once you visit Costa Blanca (‘The White Coast’), its name will really become evident - most beaches around here are exactly that - pristine and white-sanded. Regardless, whether you are into easy beach leisure, exciting adventures experiences or great shopping, you can find it all here.

The best holiday areas in Costa Blanca
North of Alicate, you’ll find two excellent holiday villages - Benidorm and Albir. If you’re into a holiday combining beach leisure with city-life, Benidorm is the place for you. The area got its nickname “Mini-Manhattan” thanks to the tall skyscrapers soaring right beside great restaurants, excellent beaches and green areas. In turn, Albir – or Altea – is for those preferring a more relaxing and quiet holiday. Here you’ll find a lovely marina, great hotels and a bit more up-scale offers.

Alicante – the mighty capital city
Alicante elegantly combines beach leisure holiday allures with urban city experiences. You can visit the city from Benidorm and Albir delve into exploring Alicante’s marvellous cityscapes and streets. Few can afford the boats docked in the marina, but the view is fantastic.

Hire a car and discover Spain
Spain is definitely among Europe’s most all-round holiday destinations. If you hire a car or go on one of our exciting trips, you will experience it right away. As soon as you leave the holiday cities and beaches, you are presented with a wealth of amazing experiences. Costa Blanca has a lot on offer - for instance, just nearby Costa Blanca you'll find a 2.600-year-old palm grove near Elche, the picturesque mountain town of Guadalest and the beautiful waterfall at Algar, to name a few.

Weather around Costa Blanca
Even though Costa Blanca is not as popular as the Costa del Sol area, it boasts more than 2.800 hours of sunshine annually, especially from April to October. Costa Blanca is said to have one of the healthiest climates in Europe - warm temperatures with little variation, not much rainfall and very clear air. During summer, the temperatures easily exceed 30°C, but light breezes from the Mediterranean even things out, resulting in holiday-perfect weather.

About Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca stretches about 200 km along the East coast of Spain, with Alicante as the provincial capital. The name “Costa Blanca” ("White Coast") originates from the area’s beautiful white-sand beaches. Costa Blanca stretches from Denia up North to Torreviaje in the South.

Facts about Costa Blanca

You can travel to Costa Blanca from:
- Stansted
- Birmingham

Flight time
Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes

Transfer time
Transfer is the time from the airport to the first hotel on the route.
- Benidorm: 40 minutes
- Albir: 45 minutes
Transfer time may increase in heavy traffic.

Local time
Costa Blanca is 1 hour ahead of GMT/UK time

Euro (€)

Costa Blanca has lots of white-sand beaches. The beaches in Benidorm are very wide, with fine-grained powdery sand, while the setting at Albir is a bit more relaxed with less crowds. Both areas also offer plenty of options for water sports, restaurants and cafés.

Food and drinks
Costa Blanca has an extensive range of restaurants and cafés serving both national and international dishes in all price ranges. We recommend you try the local tapas - they come in all sizes and shapesm and are simply fantastic! If you are you into nightlife and clubs, you’ll find a great variety in Benidorm.

It’s easy to get around Costa Blanca both by public transport and by taxi, which is fairly cheap.

230 volts standard. You’ll need an adaptor to recharge your laptop, phone or camera.

Hiring a car
If you wish to explore more Costa Blanca at your own pace, it’s a good idea to hire a car.

Sport and activities
There are numerous sports facilities, including tennis, horseback riding, go-carts, bowling, windsurfing, water skiing, squash and more.

Both Benidorm and Albir offer fine shopping options. Benidorm is considered the tourist-capital of Costa Blanca, which is why the selection here is the most comprehensive. And if you still don't find what you're looking for or want some exclusive shops, head to Alicante.

Costa Blanca boasts of some great golf courses, these courses can be found just abit inland. The courses are high-standard and well-maintained, so if you enjoy a great game and appreciate the marvelous landscape backdrops, give it a go. Note, that ot can be difficult to book great tee times, so it is recommended to do so well in advance.

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